5 Easy Ways To Reinvent Your Hair

When it comes to hair, and head wear, I love versatility. It’s basically the same way I feel about my clothing and shoes. There are no signature hair dos for me. I wear it anyway my heart desires. I love being able to change up my look when I want, so i’m careful not to allow anyone to pigeon hole me with their hair style ideals. Some days it’s a fro. Some days it straight. Some days it’s braids. Some days it’s a bun, etc. I’ve tried them all, and love them all.

If you’re like me  and versatility is your key, or if you simply want to try something new, here are some awesome ways to reinvent your hair.

1. Try a top bun

Top Bun

2. Wrap it with a scarf

Wrap it with a scarf

3. Let it go with Loose braids

Loose Braid

4. Let Your Fro Glow

Let Your Fro Goo

5. Hang a Hat on it

Put a Hat on it


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