6 Weeks In The UK

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I’m currently in the UK for six weeks. I’ll be resting, writing and rejuvenating. Aside from my summer in the south of France, it’s the longest i’ve ever stayed away from home. But, I suffer from wanderlust, and God willing, i’ll be home soon.

While here I plan on spending some much needed quality time with my Zoe, my nagging travel buddy.

I packed as light as I could; one suitcase below 50 pounds per person. So, my clothing choices will be very limited whilst here. Today I’m in my trusted Birkenstock, which i’ve had for several years. I know Berks are all the rage now, but I don’t have the trendy white ons, and will probably opt out. Oh yes i’ll be flogging my brown and black ones.


| Goucho: Zara | Top: NYC Boutique | Slippers: Berkinstock | Bag: Coach |

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