On A Cold Winter’s Day


Looks really sunny, hot and beautiful right? Not entirely. It was so darn cold. Check out the snow by my feet in the first picture.  However, the sun was out and shining beautifully,  I decided to throw off the jacket and brave the cold for a few pics. Blue has been my color lately, and while sorting through my clothing for donations, I came across this blue sweater and immediately felt like a khaki pair up. The look reminds me of school uniforms but, I like it nonetheless.

Once I’m heading outdoors, I throw on my sunglasses. I never leave home without one on my face. A practice I adopted because of an eye disorder, which I posted about here.

Sweater: H&M | Khaki Pants: All Saints | Blue Shirt: Gap | Shoes: My Fave winter wedges | Lucky brands | Sunglasses: Thrifted Halstons |


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