A Country Christmas Eve


It’s our first Christmas out in the countryside of PA where we bought a home this past summer. Country Christmases are nothing new to me. I grew up in the rural countryside back in Trinidad. To be quite honest, I love the peace and quite. I love the Christmas cheer out here. Ideally however, i’d like to have a home in the city and one in the country. We did that for a while some years ago, and I loved being in either place when it was necessary.

Anyways, this season is a bit less than merry and bright. But, I still have lots and lots to feel bright about. Some days are better than others. Some days I need one crutch; some days I need two. Nevertheless, I gotta live and be about my business. Today’s business? Last minute Christmas shopping; a result of being chauffeur around.

Hope you guys got all your shopping completed…xo



| Pants: Marshalls | Boots: DSW | Crossbody: Jcrew | Inner Sweater: Jcrew | Outer Sweater: TJMaxx | Scarf: Burrowed from Zoe |



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