A Country Girl At Heart


This life journey that I’ve decided to take the time to feel and love has really been some kind of wonderful and beautiful experience. There are so many things I wanted to do because I thought I’d love it, but after I tried them, realized I did not love them as much as I thought I did. At least not enough to make me want to pursue them long term.

I’m a country girl at heart, and this past Saturday I found myself drawn into the lifestyle that was responsible for some of the happiest days of my life. And I totally love every minute of it. I hung out with the goats, chickens and the horses, and I rode around in a John Deere, and a big rig truck.

I love that i’m at a place where everything doesn’t have to look perfect, but is fake. I’m totally comfortable posting photos of me down in the trenches as well as glamorous and in vogue. That’s life. That’s me. That’s beautiful.


| Boots Sweaters: Zara | Jeans: H&M | Hat: Australian boutique | Crossbody: Jcrew | Sunnies: Ray Ban |








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