About Dixie

Hi beautiful!

I’m Dixie, creator of Inside Outer Style.

I’m a forty four year old mom, wife, former science educator and style correspondent for Bella NYC Magazine, entrepreneur (founder of Dixie Bits) and certified health & wellness connoisseur, specializing in self care for women. I am also the author of Inside Outer Beauty: Thriving for Healthy and Beautiful Skin Throughout the Ages, which was published in December, 2014.

I love style. I love to dress up up and down, and that’s ever since I was a little girl. I had no particular style influence, it just seemed to come naturally. Aside from styling myself, I’ve enjoyed styling my dolls and my daughters, who are now 25 and 13.

It’s all about inside outer beauty, confidence and self expression through style and fashion. At Inside Outer Style I wear and I share. This is my recreation.

Thank you so much for stopping by.


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