All Denim Day At The DMV

Last week I had quite the morning at the local Department of Motor Vehicles. Mind you, it’s the worst DMV i’ve ever been to. Lines, attitudes, complacency, arrogance, all of which I dealt with. This was my third trip to the office. But, in the end I walked out with my new Pennsylvania state drivers license.

On an embarrassing note, I took my motorcycle learners test, and FAILED! To my defense, I did not study the manual. Geez, I didn’t even have one. Bold huh? And, the representative talked me into taking it. He said, “what’s the harm? There is no penalty for taking it. The worst you can do is fail,” and I did. There were 20 questions and by the time I got to question six, the test aborted. I’d already gotten 4 wrong. To pass you need 80%.

I’m no quitter. No worries. I’m already prepped for the next exam. I studied the booklet cover to cover. I’ll be riding that Vespa come October.


My little photographer said if I did not pose like this she would not take the picture. I had no choice.


Yet another commanded pose. Ahhh, the price I pay.






| Boyfriend Jeans: American Eagle | Denim Shirt: Zara | Shoes: BCBG | Hat & Belt: Jcrew | Hand bag: Phillip Lim | Cuff: London Boutique |

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