August Listening

Hard to believe it’s August already, and the summer is winding down. I feel like it’s just beginning. For reasons unknown, summer nights are hardest for me to get sleep. So, when the bouts of insomnia set in, and my mind is muddled with chaos and confusion, I stick my headphones into my ear, and I get what I need. Clarity and Sleep.

Currently, I have Mariah Carey and Miguel’s beautiful, Miguel’s Adorn,  and The Fray’s Be Still on repeat. There are others, but these three will carry me away quickly. Check out my listening list. What are you listening to as the summer winds down?


Miguel and Mariah’s Beautiful is indeed beautiful


 I adore Miguel’s Adorn

Yuma, Live Your Life

Love this young lady.  Malysian Singer/Songwriter, Yuma


Image by Jeff Vespa via The Tory Burch Blog. You can learn more about her here

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