Oh Fog!


The weather has been so ugghh, lately. Seems like every day it’s cloudy or rainy. Today it was extremely FOGGY and drizzling when I left the house. I drove across the George Washington Bridge and the visibility from there was zero. Since it’s not that cold, i’m still in cable sweater mode. And yes, sometimes I wear socks and boots; sometimes matching, sometimes not…xo

Boyfriend Jeans: Gap | Cable sweater: Anthropologie | Pink sweater: Gap: Boots: Steve Madden | Handbag: Jcrew | Snood: H&M | Computer Bag: Apple | Glasses: Ray Ban |

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  • Greetje Kamminga

    Gee… you are beautiful. It is not only your style, you are just beautiful. Keep up this spirit. I have just walked the same walk and started my blog 30 days ago.
    No Fear of Fashion

    • dixiebeauty

      Oh, thank you so much Grettje! Congratulations on the blog! You’re doing awesome for only 30 day in. Keep up the great work. You’re so stylish and beautiful yourself and so is your blog. Just so you know, I am so inspired by plus forty women, like yourself who, as your name fittingly states, have no fear fashion of style. I started in 2010, made a few posts, stopped and restarted this past October. I’m gonna stick with it. Looking forward to your posts. Thank you for stopping by…..Dixie