Back Up Pumps Just In Case

DSC_2570Let’s talk about these shoes i’m wearing. They’re from Jcrew’s last year’s fall collection. I left the house wearing a pair of black pumps, but they were squeezing my toe so badly, I had to take them off. They usually fit perfectly, but I think my feet were a bit swollen.  I’ll blame that on age. Luckily, I always keep a few pairs of shoes (pumps, sneakers, flip flops, flats, rain boots ) in my car trunk. I’m now going to change my back up pumps to black. You can never go wrong with those. Now on to the outfit.



I had these pumps in the trunk of my car.

Aside from the fact that I think they’re so darn cute and dapper, one of the reasons I love hats/caps so much is definitely because they make bad hair day issues disappear. I had two meetings today, and getting my hair done was not a priority after dealing with my 9 year old and her morning drama.

I turned to my new go to cap from Jcrew to cover my uncombed and tangled tresses. A quick bun at the nape, hat and that was it. Some might think it’s unprofessional to wear a hat to a meeting, but I operate outside that box.  As time passes and I get older the little things like that don’t seem to matter much, and I kinda like that feeling. I remember one day, when I was a teacher, one of the union representatives walked up to me and said, “you know hats are not allowed, right?” I looked at him and cooly said, “they’re not?” and kept it moving. I couldn’t imagine a me without hats.



| Shoes, Sweater & Cap: Jcrew | Skirt: FCUK |Hand bag: Phillip Lim x Target | Vest: H&M |

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