Beauty Spotlight Cloyette Harris – Stoute

How does she do it? You may ask. She just does. With two businesses and a technology career, Cloyette Harris-Stoute is a successful entrepreneur and motivator. She is a Guyanese girl, and she ROCKS!! Get to know this beauty.


Cloyette Harris-Stoute


Cloyette Harris-Stoute

Current Company/Work

Calls Home

Queens, New York

My AM beauty routine …

I start my day with prayers and affirmations. I also need my daily dose of  unsweetened green tea (hot) for its powerful health benefits.  My facial routine is simple and quick.  I wash with L’Oreal Paris RevitaLift Radiant Smoothing Cream Cleanser then apply Olay Complete All-Day UV Moisturizer.  To keep my lips hydrated I add a touch of  Bigelow Rose Salve lip balm. Since my office is at my home, I like to keep it makeup free unless I have to go out somewhere special, then I would apply the usual concealer, foundation, powder and the full works.

My PM beauty routine …

I regularly burn the midnight oil and don’t always get the required 8 hours of sleep, so it’s important for me to reenergize my skin while I sleep. I use Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream after cleansing with ReviaLift.

My signature accessory is…

My Guyanese Girls Rock iPhone 5 Phone Case (iPhone included).  It’s a beautiful reminder of where I came from, and the pride I feel for what GGR represents for Guyanese women globally.

Best beauty advice I’ve received…

To accentuate the positives – find the part of your body or facial features that you love the most and emphasize it. Growing up I was teased about my big bold eyes and lips, but today I’ve certainly grown into these features and always love to highlight them.

Why Guyanese Girls Rock?…

I wanted to create a platform that would shine the spotlight on the brilliance and outstanding accomplishments of my beautiful Guyanese sisters both locally and the Diaspora, and in the process, empower other women to realize their true potential and go after their dreams.

My favorite accessories are…

I love unique fashion jewelry – I’m a junkie of sorts, that’s why I decided to launched back in 2011.  I own a huge collection of  necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings that I love to mix to match my style.  Lately I’ve been rocking more bold statement earrings.

My favorite lip color

 This Fall’s collection of plum and berry lipstick colors are all beautiful, but my favorite is “Rebel” by M.A.C.  I use this with a Currant lip liner pencil to create the perfect pout.

My beauty icon is…

Without a doubt, my mother.  She is my beauty and, may I add, style icon as well.  I grew up seeing my mom always well put together, portraying an inner strength and confidence that to me is beautiful.

My most prized possession…

A pair of gold bracelet that my mother gave to me that was passed on to her from her mother.

Beauty is…

The positive energy that radiates when we practice kindness, generosity and  humility.  When we treat others with respect and compassion our beauty will always shine through.


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