Beauty Spotlight Felisha Palumbo

Armed with loving hands, a passionate heart and her alter-ego, Food Glam Goddess, Felisha Palumbo possesses all the confidence she needs to create and serve dishes with flair and beauty.  Get to know this up and coming food goddess.

Felisha a

Felisha Palumbo



Felisha Palumbo. Food stylist, mom, wisdom seeker, mental warrior and lover of all things Glam.

Current Work:

Founder of Food Glam INC.

Calls Home:

New York

My Am beauty routine…

Praying is essential for me. I feel a spiritual connection to GOD starts my day right. My basic morning routine starts with teeth brushing, flossing, an oral rinse and a light facial scrub; either my AVEDA face wash or my oil of Olay age defying facial scrub. I then use a Chanel astringent toner, which gives me a fresh face glow. I proceed with an SPF sunscreen. My go to product for summer and winter is pure almond oil. I use this as a moisturizer to de-puff my eyes. It also keeps dark circles and lines from occurring.  I then lightly blot with a warm cloth before applying my makeup. My make up is usually light,  because I work from home most days.  I go bare if I have no meetings scheduled for that day.

My P.M. Beauty routine…

I Love a nice hot bath with lemon Verbena bath soaps and body wash. The scent calms me after a long day. I usually use light scented lemon or verbena candles, because I tend to be high strung, so these elements of scents always calms me. I usually use a  a light pineapple facial scrub/mask while I soak to cleanse and exfoliate my skin, especially now that it’s cold. I proceed with a warm shower rinse after the bath. My skin tends to be dry, so I use almond oil as an extra moisturizer mixed with my lotion of choice. I’m big on taking care of my hands and feet, so I use a lot of Shea butter products to keep my skin tone even and hydrated. My evening routine is simple. It all depends on my mood.

My signature scent…

It was hypnotic by Christian Dior, but I found a cologne for men called “Play” by Givenchy, which is so exhilarating. Justin Timberlake is the spokesperson, and i’ve literally had guys follow me into stores or markets asking me what i’m wearing {laughs}. And, they’re shocked when I confess it’s a man’s cologne! Some male colognes are mild enough to be carried off by women. If scents like patchouli, musk and vanilla are used in them they’re fantastic as an alternative to perfume.

Best beauty advice I received?

Drink plenty of water, which is always a big feat for me. But, I think the overall, best advice i’ve received is to keep a pure heart and your beauty will exude on your face. I think a good heart is essential to true beauty.

Food Glam Goddess is…

My alter ego. Remember Sasha Fierce (Beyonce’s alter ego). Well, I created my own. It’s a state of mind when i’m styling food for an event. I tend to be very hard on my craft. So, I created this alter ego that goes in with full confidence, and she never doubts or worries about the final display of her work. She’s fearless. She’s the creator of this beauty in her food displays that everyone adores. She can’t lose with that type of confidence exuding in every setup. What’s more,  her dress attire is also a statement. She proves that she is the Goddess of her craft. She is just this image I created to build my work ethic, but also to own the trueness of my Love for what I do.

My favorite dish is…

Wow!! BOLOGNESE style spaghetti with garlic bread or mussels in a garlic oil with fresh parsley.

The sexiest thing in my closet…

I would say my Red Jimmy choo stiletto heels and my Fendi wrap dress. Although, they’re both a few years old, they always seem timeless when I wear them. The heels make such a statement, because of the color and the dress is a soft jersey  material in a charcoal gray. It was a gift, which i’ll pass to my daughter one day.

My chef Icon is…

I have two, Marcus Samuelson from The Food Network and Michael Chand, who was actually Jay zs’ private chef for years, and later for his 40/40 establishment.

My most prized possession is…

My family. Although I know it sounds cliche, family is everything. As I grow older I realize material possessions are just pleasurable assets, but they could never replace a hug or kiss from a loved one.

Beauty is…

The smell of your favorite flower. The look in a child’s eyes when he/she is happy. The way we express our individual thoughts. The differences in our personalities. Beauty is the sky on a day when you feel the sun as if for the first time. It’s finding the inner peace in your soul. Beauty is wisdom or different beliefs. I BELIEVE it’s a million things. It’s all about how we interpret it. Beauty is you; it’s me.

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