Being Neighborly

C’est moi, on my way from visiting my new neighbors, who are the sweetest folks and fellow West Indians from the island of St. Lucia. While moving in on our first day, they welcomed us with freshly baked cookies, and after my conversations with the Matriarch, I was showered, not once, but twice with the best assortment of organic vegetables, including tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers from their back yard garden.

I made a lovely salad and have been munching on the tomatoes, and sometimes salt: a  habit I adopted as a child while living with my grandmother. She grew her own vegetables, including tomatoes. Hence, the love. I had forgotten what a delicious, really natural tomato tasted like.

As for the attire, I was dressed to attend the musikfest celebrations in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, but never made it there – long story. Also, I wasn’t planning on taking pics, but my hubby was returning from a trek in the woods with the camera, and captured me. I gotta take them whenever and wherever I can.




| Dress: Thrifted  | Belt: Gap | Hat: Rag & Bone |


Fresh Baked Cookies from our new neighbors to welcome us.


Fresh, organic, all natural vegetables from our neighbors back yard garden

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