Photos: Keshia Martin (Photokutz)

‘Twas a beautiful, but cold day in the state of Delaware, a few weeks ago, where I spent the day with my girlfriend and photographer Keshia Martin of Photokutz.

It’s hard to believe; a year ago, I was talking and chalking in front of a classroom full of high schoolers. Do I miss the job? Absolutely not! I do miss the students and the meaning they brought to my life on a daily basis. I am ever so grateful for the experience. However, it’s my time. It’s time for me to pursue my dreams and fulfill my desires in whatever way I see fit.

I’m truly enjoying blogging because I Love it. Period. Not because I want to show off with the menial and paltry possessions I own, or because i’m trying to fulfill some long standing dream of being popular, or whatever. I’m forty two years old; I love dressing up. I know, sounds childish, but what the hell? Am I suppose to pack it all up and quietly wrinkle away. I mean, I know i’m going to wrinkle. Hell, i’m wrinkling, slowly. But, i’ll have fun and enjoy the process every step of the way.  And, along that way, I plan on living a  meaningful and charitable life; giving back and donating my time to those less fortunate. The best is yet to come.

Like Nike says, “just do it” Well, i’m doing it!!





DSC_0507 - Version 2

| Sweater: Asos | Jeans: Gap | Shoes: Elle Tahari |


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