Born And Made Campaign





As a long time admirer of Lisa Price, founder of Carol’s daughter, it brings me such great joy to see her launch such a beautiful and meaningful campaign geared toward encouraging self love and acceptance for our young girls, and the grown up girls who have yet to come to terms and accept who they were born to be. Kudos to Carol’s Daughter, Lisa Price.

According to a press release, this month, haircare and skincare brand Carol’s Daughter introduces the #BornandMade campaign, a new movement that encourages every girl to be who they were truly born and made to be. It celebrates the brand’s authentic story “Born in Brooklyn. Made With Love” as it honors the diverse community of strong women who have been a part of our family for more than 22 years. Now all women will have a powerful platform to showcase their individuality while inspiring others to be who they are—when there are so many voices telling them who they’re “supposed” to be.

“It’s important for girls to understand and recognize their power and the right way to use it. It’s imperative to remind them of who they are, and what they are…in the world. If I can help with that, then I’m getting up for a good reason every day,” said Lisa Price, founder of Carol’s Daughter.

Carol’s Daughter teams up with I Am That Girl, a non-profit co-founded by Emily Greener that inspires girls to love, express, and be exactly who they want to be. Together, they are creating a beautiful community of independent women from all walks of life.

I Am That Girl is shifting girl culture. By building a community for girls to be seen, be heard, and belong, we are giving them something bigger than themselves to stand for and creating a healthier, more powerful world,” said Greener.

“Working with I Am That Girl and knowing that our products are making a difference in the lives of young girls is everything to me,” said Price, with love.

We are engaging every mother, daughter, sister and beyond through our social platforms by working in partnership with a range of inspirational influencers, from beauty blogger Naptural85 to activist and writer Michela Angela Davis. The campaign will also launch with a series of videos, highlighting what makes them beautifully unique. It will be supported by print ads featuring Price’s own story as well as the story behind Carol’s Daughter’s iconic beauty products. Fans of the brand will also be able to make their own personalized #BornandMade images online at, which they can then share across social media.

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