BWIM Event Wear




| Skirt & Jacket: Jcrew | Tee: Banana Republic | Shoes: BCBG |

Today I accompanied my friend to the Black Women In Media (BWIM) event, and it was an amazing day; inspiring and filled with lots of great advice and stimulating conversations & discussions.

I don’t really like short skirts. This is one out of two in my closet. However, upon the insistence of my Zoe, I caved. She then tells me, after I take her advice and put it on, that I look cra, cra (crazy), but beautiful…..still trying to decipher her meaning.

So, today I thought, what the hell? Go with the flow – well Zoe’s flow.  I have to say it was a bit of an uncomfortable feeling having to consistently cross my leg and tug at the skirt to keep it from moving up too far. To make matters worse, my panty hose kept falling down. I know, this is way too much info. At one point I got up to make my way to the bathroom and I felt it moving further and further down my legs. All I could do was pray it did not go past my skirt….lol. Once in the bathroom, I grabbed a hold of hose by the waist, pulled and gave it a big, tight knot; there ’twas set in place.

Then there were the shoes, which kept slipping out my feet. Prior to leaving the house, I put cushions in them to grip my feet, but by the time I got to the venue, my feet started to slip out agin. May I say, disastrous?

I’m taking an excuse for these glitches, because I lost a few pounds after my accident, and I really didn’t think the weight loss was so significant that I would need to make adjustments to some of my clothing.

Moral of the story, don’t let you 10 year old style you or convince you to wear what she thinks is stylish. Wear what makes you feel most confident and comfortable.  And, take time to prep your wear by trying them on a few days before.

DSC_6078 - Version 2 DSC_6075

The beautiful celebrity hairstylist and founder of Glamworks, Tarsha Marshall and the equally beautiful and talented celebrity make-up artist and CEO of Julia Jovone cosmetics, Julia Jovone.


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