Camo Shorts


Yes, i’ve got a thing for camo; have for a very long time. In my home country, it’s illegal to wear camouflage, so I think initially, I became to attracted to the thought of doing something I wasn’t allowed to do, but then I fell in love. I have a few older pieces from 10 or so years ago. I’ll wear them sometime.


| Pants: Jcrew mens | Shoes: DKNY | Hand bag & Jacket: Jcrew | Shirt: Gap |





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  • You know I don’t like camouflage clothes, but I will say (reluctantly) that this looks good on you. I rather like your explanation for wanting to wear it.
    My aversion to camouflage is because it reminds me of war. And I hate war.

    • I know you hate camo. Funny enough, I thought of you when I wore this pants. I’ve been wearing them for many years, long before the camo trend took off. But, I certainly understand your aversion to them.