Check Out The Shit Bloggers Wear Site

I came across this tumblr site, “The Shit Bloggers Wear ” on Instagram, and naturally, was curious to learn what it was all about. Boy oh boy, did I get a good laugh.  I don’t think the creators’ intention is to poke fun at bloggers and their clothing and accessories choices. In fact, there is a disclaimer on the site that says she does not.  But, to me, it did come across as hilarious, because it’s the truth. All the big style bloggers, medium sized style bloggers and little style bloggers like myself have some of these style items in common.

So, out of the growing list of featured “shit” that bloggers wear, here is the “shit” I wear in common with some of my fellow style bloggers. Too funny!



I do own a 3.1 Phillip Lim Paschli, but it’s the regular size, not the mini.


I also own a Birkenstock, but the style is differenttumblr_mokkb6nxX81sr21cdo1_r1_1280

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