Church With Granny

A Day of worship with my grandmother. To thank God for his mercies and grace. Too many times I get so caught up in my every day life and hustle, I forget to be still and know he is. But, daily I give thanks and praise to my God for his goodness and his love.

It’s also very important to spend as much time with my grandmother as possible. She’s 80, and you never know.  I mean I can go before her, but regardless, which ever way, I’ve created a treasure chest of memories of us that’s priceless. And, i’ll keep adding to that chest as long as i’m able to. She’ll be returning to Trinidad soon, where she’ll stay until the weather here begins to warm up. Ok, on to my outfit.

I love style, but i’m not driven by trends. I do buy trendy things if I like them, but not because it’s what’s wearing currently. The top i’m wearing is by Carolyne Roehm, which i’ve had for many years, probably 8 or so.  My mother gave it to me and the skirt is a few years old, from Jcrew.






DSC_2701 DSC_2700


| Blouse: Carolyne Roehm | Skirt: Jcrew | Shoes: DKNY | Clutch: Tory Butch |

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