Denim & Sequins


Photo: Keshia Martin/Photokutz

There’s nothing like comfy wear, and for me that’s denim, not those shoes i’m wearing. I keep my backup shoes in the car. When i’m wearing shoes this high, I usually don’t do very much walking.  But, you know, like everything else we women wear, shoes are just accessories.

My now deceased cousin Ioni once told me, high heels, if worn too often will deform my feet. She know best because her right foot was severely damaged due to wearing heels, excessively. I’ve never forgotten her warning words. So, i’m ever so conscious of the amount of time I spend in heels. The less the better. That said, I can’t help loving and wearing them. They just make a basic outfit look so darn good. Don’t you agree?






| Jeans: Gap | Vest: Jcrew | Sequin Top: Jcrew | Jacket: Shoes: FCUK | Handbag: Jcrew |


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