Do What You Do Tee With Mango Pants

Movie dates are always casual and comfy wear for me, and this movie, Iron man did not disappoint. Next up, in fall, Thor. I’m a bit of a Marvel comic buff.

 After the movie, my little one tried giving me an old school dance lesson. I humored her and followed, but little does she know, I could flip the script and teach her a thing or two. See me bust a move!!

My tee reads: Say what you say. Do what you do. But, don’t give up.


DB1_8746 DB1_8756 DB1_8761 DB1_8763 DB1_8766 DB1_8765 DB1_8783DB1_8773


| Pants and Tee: Mango | Clutch: Gap | Shoes: Calvin Klein |

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  • Josep-Maria Badia

    I love your pants and your shirt, with a message that I sign. The bag and shoes are two cuties. You look great with this casual look.

  • Jeannie W

    You guys are too cute! What fun photos! Love the t-shirt!

    • Thank you Jeannie. It’s all fun and creating great memories.

  • Greetje Kamminga

    I agree with Jeannie and Josep-Maria: great photos. Your daughter is going to be as beautiful as you are. She already is in fact.
    Love the yellow bag and shoes with this outfit. Would not have come up with it myself. I live and learn.
    And I am a horrible dancer. I do it, but I don’t think it looks good. Too bad for others, as long as I am having fun.