Dress Over Pants


Hey there my beauties. I’m finally getting around to posting pictures. I’ve been incredibly busy, and have just been piling up my pics.

This is from several weeks ago. I’m wearing an outfit, which my Zoe dubbed as 3 year old wear. In her exact words, “mom you look like a three year old. You used to dress me like that, remember?” And guess what? She’s right. I loved the dress over pants look. So, I guess I was unconsciously channeling my inner 3 year old.

Oh well. I walked right out the door looking like a “3 year old.” What do you think?


| Dress: Zara | Pants: H&M | Sandals: Asos | Tee: Jcrew | Wallet: Tory Burch |

DSC_2585 DSC_2583 DSC_2586 DSC_2587 DSC_2588

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