Effects Of High Heels On The Body

Head high, back straight and long strides. That’s how I do it in a kick ass pair of pumps, even when they are hurting the heck out of my feet. Like most women, I love an extraordinary  pair of high heels. But, you won’t catch me parading around in them everyday. If nothing else, the memory and story of my late cousin Ioni – who walked with a cane, and a left leg that was shorter than the right – plays like a movie in my mind and reminds me of how danger prone sexy stilettos and high heels can be. She offered a then 9 year old, curious me some sound, shoe advice.  “Don’t love your high heels more than your God given heels” she said. Truer words were never spoken. You see high heels were the cause of her physical handicap.

Women find them fashionable, stylish, sexy and empowering. But, they’ve also been  described as dangerous, uncomfortable and down right dumb by others. And in fact, the latter holds quite a lot of truth.  So, does wearing them daily mean  you’re anything less than the fashionista or style maven you are at heart? Of course not. Flats can be just as stylish, fashionable, empowering and sexy.

Do wear heels if you love them. But, be cognizant of the type of heels you choose to wear and/or the length of time they stay on your feet. They may end up causing more harm than glam in the long run.

This amazing infographic on the effects of high heels on the body sums up the dangers and concerns quite nicely. Do you spot any issues that ring a bell? Do you wear high heels every day? Leave us a comment below. We’d love to hear from you.

The True Effect of High Heels

Image courtesy of Visual.ly


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