ETTM Launches 360 Lifestyle Lounge


Out to celebrate with my CHICA (Caring, Hermosa,  Inspiring Can do woman with a Caring Attitude) Vanessa Coppes, founder of ETTM (Entrepreneurial Think Tank For Moms), director of marketing and social media for Bella NYC magazine, founder of Envy Jewelry.

The event was hosted to celebrate the launch of ETTM’s 360 lifestyle lounge & Vanessa’s official book signing. BTW, Vanessa’s book (Five Steps To Fabulous: Choices for living beautifully inside & out) is an inspirational and uplifting read. I encourage you to grab a copy. You can find it on Amazon. Her approach to beauty is so in line with my philosophy; It all starts from the inside.

Wishing Vanessa & Lynette ( c0-founder of ETTM) continued success on their journey to inspire and connect women.




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