Faux Fur Coats For Winter

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Winter is upon us, and it feels down right wicked. With snow storm number 8 down and sub degree temperatures, we all need our warmest – and for some of us – our most stylish outerwear to keep our internal thermostat in working order.

For me it’s all about the faux fur.  And this year I added a couple of affordable pieces – believe it or not some are quite expensive – to my closet. With purchases from Overstock, H&M and Zara, from quality to functionality they have certainly impressed the heck out of me with their stella performance. Basically, they are warm and stylish. Dare I say? I’m killing two birds.

Check out some of the  cutest, and some of which I know are the warmest faux fur coats for this wicked and wild winter.

Asos Longlined Animal Faux Fur Coat

Asos Colorless Longlined Faux Fur Coat

Lyst Orange Faux Fur Coat

Calypso St. Barts Harlow Faux Fur Coat

Topshop Curly Faux Fur Long Coat

Topshop Faux Fur Colorless Coat

Nasty Gal Bitching & Junk Food Faux Fur Coat

Acne Edge Fur Chestnut

Nordstrom Faux Fur Swing Coat

Nordstrom Rome & Juliet Couture

H & M Faux Fur Jacket

Dorothy Perkins High Shine Faux Fur Coat

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