Fedora Giveaway

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Check out the Anatomy Of A Fedora, here

View the slide for an idea on how the hat sits on the head.

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I’m ending the old year and starting the new year with a giving spirit to my friends. This brand new fedora, my first giveaway,  is one of my favorite accessories (I have one just like it). And you can get your hands on it, by simply doing one of the following.

  • If you haven’t already, like Inside Outer Beauty on Facebook and repost with hashtag #Baileysfedora. If you’re already a fan, simply repost with the hashtag.
  • Follow Inside Outer Beauty on Twitter and hashtag #Baileysfedora
  • Follow on Instagram @dixiebits and repost photo with hash tag #Baileysfedora




US: 7 1/8

Inches: 22 1/4

CM: 57

*US residents only.

*This post is not a sponsored post.


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