Floral On The Rooftop

When you stop doing things for fun, you might as well be dead ~ Hemmingway.

I’m very much alive!

That said, I went out with a few of my girlfriends to a rooftop, day party in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Truth be told, I rarely go to parties. In fact, i’ve not had much time for dancing parties since becoming a mother at nineteen. The order of my day was school, school, work, work and more work. Don’t get me wrong, I did attend parties, but they were “proper parties;” not much dancing. And, events were all about networking.

See, in my quest to become the greatest mother, which of course, I have yet to achieve, I put my needs last. Though I lived and traveled, it was not vivaciously. I lived for my children and my family. But, now that i’m living for me too, life is love and love is living. Happy me = happy family.

Today i’m wearing my favorite summer colors, which is an ode to Dasani; very colorful and vibrant. Don’t you think? Hey, I stood out on the roof-top.

Don’t forget to live and do things for fun beauties. Life is to short


Hair up, it was soooo hot. Not the party, the weather. The party was OK!





Freedom Tower On The Rise


Piece of Manhattan’s Sky Line



Shorts: Jcrew | Bustier: FCUK | Shoes: Tory Burch | Clutch: Gap | Necklace: Jcrew |

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  • Dancing parties are rare nowadays, I mostly attend dinner or cocktail parties or social, networking events as you already mentioned. I have never been to a rooftop party – these type of houses with a rooftop don’t exist here…

    Love your hair up because it shows your beautiful necklace and strapless top!

    Annette | Lady of Style

    • My culture is big on dancing parties. Everything is a dance party. I love it, but have not been a part of the scene for quite some time. There are tons of rooftops in New York City, and a lot of really beautiful ones.

      Thank you, I agree. I prefer the hair up for this.

  • You were looking hot!! What a perfect outfit for a party on a hot day. Beautiful. And yes, you have to love yourself as well but you do not always have that choice. I admire you for putting the needs of your children first. In those circumstances you had your priorities right. In my opinion.