Get Away Sometimes


Headed to the beach with my sister

My sister (pictured) and my childhood BFF have made it a point to do something for ourselves that does not include children, spouses, work or worry. This is our second annual trip away. It’s become one of those things that we’ve decided to do for our self care. Get away sometimes. No guilt, period.

As mothers and wives, we often feel overwhelmed with guilt the moment we leave our families. Whether we’re going to work, the supermarket, on a business trip, dropping them off to day care or going on a lovers rendez vous with the hubby, as long as the entire family is not tagging along, we become consumed with thoughts of inadequacy and begin to question  our role and abilities as parent and spouse. Am I a good parent? Do my kids hate me? Does my husband trust me? Do they think i’m selfish? Am I staying away too long? What would people think of me? STOP! You’re amazing. And the fact that you’re even thinking of your thoughts is testimony to your amazingness.

Taking time for self is important for everyone, and especially so for women whose roles are multi dimensional, and who often shoulder the weight of multiple titles: mom, wife, cook, cleaner, laundress, CEO, blogger, nurturer, president, pilot, and the list goes on.

So go away to a place where nobody knows your name or maybe to a familiar place where everybody knows your name. Go away. Be carefree. Be stress free. Just be. Then come home and continue to be amazing.

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