Giving Back with Gorgeous Gifts


Giving Back With Gorgeous Gifts


The holidays should be special for everyone. But, of course that’s not the case. We often take for granted the simple things in our lives like, food, water, health care and clothing. Yet there are countless men, women and children who don’t have the luxury of a clean glass of water, shoes to wear or food to feed themselves and loved ones. While picking up gifts this holiday season, think of those who are less fortunate. Please, if you can afford to, give generously to those in need.  It matters not where you give, as long as you do.

For those of you who would like to give back while gifting gorgeously, here are  a few really neat ideas.


1. RED/FEED Special edition Love 30 bag

2. RED Shop apple

3. KWIAT Bracelet for Charity: Water

4. KOR Delta hydration vessel for Charity: Water

5. Tom’s Sandela Oversized Sunglasses

6. RED Bottletop Kibe Belt

7. FEED 2 Bag

8. RED tee shirt

9. RED/APPLE iPad Smart Case

10. Tom’s Tribal Knit Women’s Classic


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