Global Print & Ridiculous Poses


This picture was taken over a month ago. It’s funny because when I showed it to my husband, he looked at me and asked, “babe, what’s wrong with your feet? Why are you standing like that? You don’t look right.” Later, by myself, I looked at the pictures and had to laugh out loud. I realized that I was trying to do the ridiculous poses that I see some of the style bloggers pull off. Oh, they look great doing it. But, I certainly do not. So, i’m working on finding my own way of standing comfortably. In the meantime, these are my ridiculous poses….lol

Photos: Photokutz





| Pants: Asos | Sweater: Jcrew | Print Vest: Dekalb Market, Brooklyn | Shoes: FCUK | Bracelets: Jcrew | Ring: Paris Boutitque | Handbag: Phillip Lim |

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