Hair I Go

A few people have sent messages to my inbox about my hair. To be specific, wanting to know if I wear extensions and wigs. Don’t worry, I not the least bit offended by the question. I change my hair styles whenever I feel the urge to do so. I’m very comfortable and absolutely love the hair I was blessed with. However,  I love versatility and like to experiment with new styles therefore, I don’t limit myself. Basically, I wear my hair however I want to, and I go. I’m not guided by other people’s thoughts and actions about hair, and I don’t subscribe to any particular hair style. Currently, and for the past 6 years, my hair has been chemical free. I wear extensions occasionally because, I feel the need for change, or sometimes simply to give my hair a rest from the elements, especially in the winter season. I also straighten it out with a flat iron 3 to four times per year.

Here are some pictures of my hair styles; most(7) of which are from 2012.  In two of the pics, I’m wearing extensions. Can you guess which?

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