Heather Headley – I’m The Only One


I’ve been listening to this album for some several months now. Actually, I purchased it on the release date. It’s an awesome, awesome compilation CD performed by one of the best voices ever. Every last song is breathtaking. Heather’s voice is angelic, soulful and uplifting. Her choice of songs are exactly what I need to be stilled. And, i’m not saying that because she’s my homegirl (as in we’re from the same country, Trinidad).  I became a huge fan of Heather’s after taking my grandmother and older daughter to see her perform the role of Aida on Broadway. Needless to say we were blown away by her incredible talent.

To listen to previews of her album visit the itunes store.

My favorites are

  • Because You Need Me (featuring Chris Mann)
  • Superwoman
  • Home
  • I Wish

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