Hey Girl


Recently, I made a trip to Target with Zoe, my sweet daughter, photographer who was snapping pictures of everything she liked in the store.

She took this picture and then said to me, “Hey mom, who cares what they think? Just be yourself.” How sweet is that? I don’t know what the man on the picture signified, if anything. I just felt the words were striking, and so did Zoe, who has decided start a blog called, The Food Fashionista. The first blog she started is now defunct. But, I indulge her anyway. It’s good to encourage positive creativity in children.

So this is for all you gals. “Hey Girl Who Cares What they think? Just be yourself.”  I don’t know who said it. But, I Love it. Hope you do too.



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  • I agree, which is why I love that little video of the brand Dove, showing the transformation of a nice girl into a billboard girl. The many stages of make-up, hair and photoshopping are very well shown. Message to adolescent girls: don’t take these magazine pictures for real. You can never measure up to that as they are totally fake. Just be yourself. You are unique, you should love yourself. There is only one of it.