If I Cared, My True Love Should Give To Me


My True Love Christmas Wish List


‘Tis the season for gift giving, something I very much love to do. However, I don’t like to or care about receiving presents. In fact, I tell friends and family don’t get me anything. Of course, sometimes they don’t listen to me. If they do give me, then I’m appreciative, and I accept and cherish the gift. This has been my way for a very long time. The habit goes back to my up bringing. And yes, that’s another story.

Most people look forward to receiving gifts from their true love/lover/spouse, whatever you choose to say. For the gifted, it’s  symbolic of how much your mean to that person. For the gifter, getting the right present is not always an easy task. What should I get him/her? Would he/she like or appreciate it? Is it expensive enough? Yeah! Talk about stress. You should, drop subtle hints in the months leading up to Christmas about what you are dying for or what your really, really need in your life. You know, just let it slip during casual conversation, that way, if you have an attentive lover, he/she will archive it for later. Well, hopefully.  Of course, not every one cares about a personal want/wish list.  Rather, they are simply grateful for the thoughtfulness and love that might have gone into the present, and are happy with whatever they receive.

If I cared about receiving presents, here is what I hope my true love would bring to me (all thingsI would buy for myself):

1. Ray Ban’s Folding Way Farer Sunglasses

2. All Saints Polanski Glvoes

3. Sweet Sugar Darlin Sugar Body Scrub – best body scrub, ever

4. Lucky Brand Cedar Skinny Leopard Belt

5. My Beautiful Life Journal

6. Tumi ‘alpha’ carry on 

7. Solid Line iPad case with detachable keyboard

8. All Saints Scrool Snood

9. Madewell’s Old Town Boot

10. Anthropologie’s Kuychi Necklace


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