I’ve been enjoying Instagram.

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  • Greetje Kamminga

    I am getting rather tired of all the possibilities. There is Pinterest and Facebook, Twitter and blogs. I can hardly manage all of that. So I hooked up with Instagram and left is aside immediately. I cannot squeeze all these things in my scarce free time. How do you manage?

    • dixiebeauty

      I too am tired at times. Though I have way too many social media platforms to keep up with, I tend to use facebook most. I’ve connected my facebook posts to my twitter account. So everything I post on facebook is sent to twitter. However, I am a bit disgusted with facebook at the moment because of the new way they have chosen to promote posts. We now have to pay if we want more people to see our posts. Every day I designate some time ( usually an hour) to spend on FB, twitter and Instagram.