Leaving Our Neighborhood

Community is extremely important to me. I grew up in a village community, where everybody knew my name, and for the last 10 years, i’ve called this little community in Hudson Heights aka Washington Heights or The Heights my neighborhood. Everyone doesn’t know my name, but a heck of a lot of folks know’s my Zoe’s name. My husband and I moved here 10 years ago, and at the time, we had another home two hours away, and would drive there on weekends and holidays. That craziness all stopped after we sold the house, and began settling into Hudson Heights. Truth be told, i’ve really become quite comfortable and fond of this quaint little edge of Manhattan.

Alas, all good things must come to an end. My husband and I  recently purchased a small home approximately one hour outside of NYC, and we’re packing up and heading out, again. But, I totally love the city, and I really love this end of town. Next to Park Slope, Brooklyn, it’s my favorite part of NYC.  All the wonderful connections and really awesome community relationships will certainly be missed. We even dubbed our little Zoe the Mayor of our zone. She knowes everyone, and everyone knows her. When we walk the streets, we hear Zoe from all directions. I’ll really miss that and so much more.  As a result, i’ve been a bit snappy and on edge the last few days.

To take some of that edge off, today we took a walk through the neighborhood, and stopped to talk with some of the people and animals we’ve come to know so well. Of course, I had to throw on some cute, comfortable clothing for our stroll. The vest, which is on of my favorite pieces of clothing can be seen here.







Our neighborhood Macaw (I think she’s a Macaw), Coco up high on Ilene, the best next door neighbor ever, and Zoe’s community gardening partner.


Coco perched on top of her always attentive and loving owner.


Zoe’s favorite, and Ilene’s ever faithful, sweet dog, Angela. She is 14 human years (98 dog years).



One of the best child care providers on our end. She’ll kill me if she knows I posted this pic. I did not show her face. She’s a doll.


Me and my girl soaking in the sights of our neighborhood.


| Jumpsuit: FCUK | Handbag: Balenciaga | Sandals: Madewell (love them so much – kiling them slowly) | Denim Vest (one of my faves): Jcrew |

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