Leopard Faux Fur Coat


Totally loving this coat from Zara. My slip on sneakers are the go to shoes these days. I wear them just about everywhere, because I can’t walk in heels just yet. I can stand in them – to take a picture – but, i’m unable to manage the height while stepping. I’ve promise me, that’s temporary. I’m working really hard in PT to get my full mobility back. In the meantime, style stays strong.


| Coat & Jeans: Zara | Snood: Jcrew | Sneakers: Vans | Fedora: Rag & Bone | Sunnies: Ray Ban |



leopard slide


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  • Oh dear I missed something important here. Have been away too long. You have something with your foot/feet. I will check the rest of your posts.
    The coat is to die for. Big WANT.

    • I was in a car accident the night of my sister’s wedding, and I damaged my hip. I’m still on crutches and getting. It’s so annoying. I can’t do what I want and have had to scale back on my posts. Can stand, just not on my right foot. No weight can go on my right let.

      • I know about the accident but I thought you got off scot free. But you were injured!! How bad is the damage?

        • Thank God, I got of scotch free with my life. But, yes, I was injured. I damaged my hip. It’s a cervical sprain. So I have to use crutches. I can’t put any weight on the right leg. I’m getting physical therapy. So, i’m beginning to feel better. My left leg is fine, but it’s taking a beating since all the weight is not its burden. However, bad. I’m alive and so thankful….xo

          • Very painful. Hopefully only a sprain and nothing permanently damaged. But you still have to be very careful. As you say, you burden your other leg and before you know it you get a chain reaction. So be careful dear. I want to see more picturesf you in heels.

          • This is so annoying for me now. It’s killing me that I have to lay off the high heels and dressing up is not so much fun at the moment. I’ve even had to cut back on pictures. From next week i’m gonna start taking them again. As long as I have something to lean against or hold onto, i’ll be good. Lol…the things we do for fashion!

          • Thank you for your support and encouragement…Muahs!!

          • Sit on a chair. That is what models do too when they have to show heels that are too high LOL

          • LOL….I took you advice and decided to sit on or hold on to the chairs, or counter tops or whatever as necessary.