Long Blue Skirt

Today was a fun, bonding day with my mother, grandmother and youngest daughter.  Four generations. I’m totally blessed to be able to enjoy these females. The youngest, my daughter  is bright, dramatic, independent, pushy and assertive; the oldest is way to docile for my liking, but sweet as pie, and my mom, the middle personality is just chill. However, I love them fiercely.

Today’s outfit is also fun. Remember, no signatures here. My style is all over the place, and so is my hair. So recently, I made a switch up to big hair. I get very antsy when my hair is the same for too long. So, i’m always reinventing my hair styles. I also add hair accessories like scarves and hats to diversify the look. Check out 5 ways to reinvent you hair.

Don’t be afraid to be daring. If you’ve got it in you to try something new, go for it. Have fun. Experiment and try out new styles. Utilize the endless blogs, You Tube channels and print magazines for inspiration. We’ve only got a few months left for the summer. Make your move. And, if you’re lucky to be living in the tropics, I hate you so much right now……of course, I don’t. I’m just jealous.

Have a lovely weekend.









| White Tee: Jcrew | Skirt: Zara – seen here | Sandals: Madewell | Hand bag: Mulberry| Necklace: Club Monaco |


My 80 year old grandmother in tow. She turned 80 the day after this photo was taken. She’s still strong and brisk. As you can see, the hat thing runs in the family. She wears them on most days.

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