Love My Oilily Handbag



I totally love my Oilily handbag, which is about 10 years old. But, Oilily stores are no more. They closed out all their brick and mortar locations some years ago. They did reestablish an online presence a while back, but since the store closings, i’ve never made any purchases from their commerce site. It’s a Dutch brand, so when I went to Amsterdam I went looking for them, and was told that all their stores there were closed as well.

It’s so sad. The had the most adorable children’s clothing. There you did not find dull black and whites, just a rainbow of color. I love to see the little ones in color. It matches their innocent and beautiful spirits.  And oh yes, they even had a women’s line. Hence the reason I was able to scoop up this bag. And though it didn’t quite go with my dress today. I just wanted to use it.


| Dress: Zara | Shoes: Prada | Bag: Oilily |


DSC_1557 IMG_8926 IMG_8925

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