Love To Layer


Some days it’s just me, the mirror and my phone. So, I snap a selfie and make it a blog post. I love to layer, and today it was a simple grouping of old closeted items.

The tunic I wear as a dress in the summer. I paired it up with a black turtleneck and leather pants. You can layer with jersey dress or an oversized tee-shirt.


| Tunic: Gap | Pants: Zara |Turtleneck: Jcrew | Fedora: Urban Outfitters |

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  • Cute! I’m digging the entire look.

    • Thank you Daenel! So over the winter. Hope the weather’s been kind to you lately…..we’ve had a big break.


  • you layer very well. I am hopeless at it.

    • I’ve seen your post and when you do it it’s so awesome. Keep at it.


  • Fabulous idea for this transitional time … I’ll be doing dress-over-leggings or skinnies all summer, but it would be fun to get started sooner! You look very cool and long and sleek … as always!

    • Thank you lovely Jan.

      Ohh, I love the dress over-leggings or skinnies. Can’t wait to see what you put together. I’ll hop on over for some inspiration.