Melissa McCarthy For Elle

This is the thing I don’t get. Who the hell decides and polices the standard of beauty portrayed by our culture? Elle? Vogue? Instyle? Glamour? Seventeen? Lucky? Maybe for some, yes. But, for me, hell no. And, i’m sure a resounding no will be said by millions of other women. Especially, the ones who look nothing like the cookie cutter, production line beauties that grace the covers of these magazines month after month, year after year.


And, just when you think, some things will never change, along comes Melissa McCarthy, gracing the cover of November’s Elle Magazine. Yes, you know it. Of course she and the magazine are heavily criticized for not showing some skin, and for wearing a heavy coat, and covering a quarter of her face with her hair. Is that the best some people can do? I don’t get some women. You’ve gotta show figure to be beautiful?

They criticize the hell out of a woman, who represents what so many women look like, and whom we know was probably apprehensive about being on the cover in the first place. So, she wore what she felt comfortable in. Excuse my rant, but what the Hell?

As far as i’m concerned, she looks beautiful. And, kudos to Elle for stepping out the darn cookie box and giving a fully figured, fully clothed, woman a chance to shine. So, style watchers – who are reportedly upset she was not treated the same way the other four, skin baring cover counterparts were – McCarthy’s reps told Good Morning America that she selected and decided to wear the coat.

Now you guys see why I call my blog, Dixie Beauty. I’m not a narcissist. I own my beauty. I am beautiful. Period. Own your beauty ladies. Melissa McCarthy, I say own your beauty.

I can go on and on, but i’ll stop.

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