Mellow Yellow


Dressed for church, today i’m all smiles, and especially thankful to be alive. Two days earlier, on my return trip from the UK, I had the most horrific experience on the plane. There were about 70 passengers on board, and we unanimously agreed that it was the worst flight, ever. No exaggeration, but we thought we were going to crash. Words can’t describe how terrified I was. I even sent my husband a good bye message. The screaming, crying and vomiting (that’s me) was just awful. The weird but, good thing was, there were no children on the plane; something I’ve never seen in all my years of flying. There are always children on my flight. All glory be to God, whom I pray to daily.

Gotta get past it, because i’ll be on a flight agin in two weeks.





| Dress: DKNY | Shoes: Jessica Taylor | Jacket: Zara | Handbag: Coach |

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