Minus Thirteen Windchill


It’s really a chore trying to be stylish in these ice-box temperatures. But I try, because I like to. And like i’ve said before, i’m so sick and tired of the heavy coats. I just want to be comfy and free. Today, again, I braved the cold minus thirteen wind chill without a jacket, but I layered up, big time. I wore four sweaters, 1 thighs and two pants. It’s really easy to layer up and keep warm, that way when you get indoors you can peel off layers to avoid over heating.

The fact that I was driving and running in and out of my destinations helped a great deal. How are you dealing with the frigid, sub-zero temperatures?

WEARING (outer layers)

| Pants: Allsaints | Sweater 1: Free People | Sweater 2: Zara |Bag: Coach (Fave) |

DSC_2277 DSC_2274 DSC_2272


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