My 2013 Oscar Picks

Lots of ladies were stunning last night, but these were my favorites.

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  • Greetje Kamminga

    These ladies are very stylish. My favourite is Hale Berry. Gosh she is so beautiful, it is unbelievable. And I like Queen Latifah as well. Looking very pretty in white. She is so funny.

    • dixiebeauty

      I actually liked Charlize first and Halle second. They were all gorgeous. But for me, Charlize stole the show. Love the Queen!

  • CHARLIZE THERON all the way!!!!! So glad to see the return of Halle Berrie’s now iconic short hair. That curly do did nothing for her.

    • dixiebeauty

      Charlize was actually my favorite too, with Halle a close second. Nothing can top Halle’s short hair, but Charlize beat her at her own game. Love them both.