My Neighborhood – The Day After Sandy

 This is my neighborhood the day after the storm. The George Washington Bridge is a block away and like all the other bridges, it was closed off to all traffic in lieu of Hurricane Sandy, At the time this photo was taken it was still closed.

You can also see the upper portion of the Henry Hudson Parkway, which is desolate. There was not a car in sight. I stood out for 15 minutes, and no cars drove by. I guess that was a good thing. It meant folks were adhering to the warnings to stay off the roadways. Undoubtedly, the lower Henry Hudson Parkway had serious flooding because the roads are very close to river levels.

Fortunately, not much damage occurred in our neighborhood, because we are located at the northern tip of manhattan, which is elevated.

Unfortunately, the lower part of Mahnattan and other areas of New York City, including Brooklyn and Queens were devastated by floods and damaging winds. Some neighborhoods in Brooklyn were totally demolished.  New Jersey was also hit very hard. We also sustained extensive damage to our transportation system, including severe flooding of the train tracks.

My heart and prayers go out to all those who lost love one during this devastating hurricane.

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