My Photographer


When I decided to make this a personal style blog, one of the concerns I had was getting good quality pictures taken.  There’s nothing wrong with wanting nice polished photos. Right? Don’t get me wrong, i’ve had some great photos done by a couple of friends but, they are busy with their jobs, and understandably, don’t always have time to indulge in my blograma.

I’ll admit, I started out with the, go hard or stay home attitude, only to quickly realize that it was too much of an undertaking. Boy, did I have to do a 180.But, it turns out help was right under my nose. One day, my 8 year old asked me to take my pictures, and I kindly obliged. After looking at the pics, I thought, you know what, these aren’t so bad. Shooo! life is not perfect and things don’t need to be perfect.  And besides, I was not going to put this blog aside a second time.  Viola! my full-time photographer was found. The pics are obviously a work in progress but, they are definitely doable. Thanks to my little photographer, we’re both enjoying and learning from this new and fun adventure.


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