New York And Company Cape

These pics were taken the night before my accident. It’s been a bit difficult getting around with my crutches. And, needless to say, getting dressed is totally not exciting these days. But, i’m trying.

Most times, my purchases are spontaneous. I’m surfing the internet, or i’m browsing a magazine, or i’m walking by, and boom! I gotta have it. If I can afford it of course. How I love capes, and this one just beckoned to me. It has a bit of leather piping around the hand slits, which made it irresistible. And, the price, just right.


DSC_3195 DSC_3196 DSC_3197


| Cape: NY & Company | Corduroys: Lauren Conrad for Khols | Shoes: Louboutin | Clutch: Tory Burch |

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  • This is a Great look on you. Sorry to hear about your accident.

  • Perfect. Lovely cape. As are your shoes. (…”If the price is right” hahaha… Louboutins are never at a right price, but they are gorgeous.)
    What have you done to your hair? Somehow you look different. Good, but different. I cannot put my finger on it.

    • Ha! Ha! you’re right. Louboutin’s price is never, ever right. Never heard of a sale either…lol. Thank you.

      One of the great things about having kinky, coily hair is that I can be so very versatile. My hairdresser straightened it out with a flat iron. When i’m finished, I wash and condition and it’s back to my curly afro. Or, if I want to, I put it in two corn rows, loose and wear it wavy.

      Also, I wan’t wearing any face make up, just lipstick.