NYFW Shoes

Last week I came across an interesting post on Refinery 29. It was titled, NYFW Shoes -They Live Up To The Hype. It was basically a slide show of 36 shoes from street style at New York Fashion Week. The footwear ranged from Nike, to clogs to slip and stilettos. Their choices however, weren’t appreciated by some readers, and the comments section lit up with reviews, including several raging ones. As honest as i’m sure they were, I thought some of the comments were extremely harsh, with folks stating that, Nike is not stylish, clogs looked like nursing shoes, and aren’t sexy, and yes, that Americans are sloppy and can’t dress.

Hello, Fyi – people from all over the world attend NYFW. But, to each his own, right?

34-20130908-1-20130908-0069Click the pic to see the slide show – NYFW Shoes – They live Up To The Hype

photo by Mark Iantosca via Refinery29

It’s always been my belief that style does not equal sexy!! Style is multi-dimensional and culturally diverse. Not everything stylish has to be tight, preppy, clean cut, on trend, chic, etc. Style is for individual interpretation. Hence the reason we don’t all wear and like the same things. Too often, we allow certain interpretations to guide our thoughts and therefore, our expressions.  And, unfortunately those thoughts are usually negative.

What do you think about the shoe selection? I’d love to know your thoughts.

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