Peace Tee & Harem Pants

I absolutely love this peace tee and harem pants combo. The tee was salvaged from my older daughter’s items. The pants (seen here), i’ve had for roughly three years. These pics were taken at our storage bin, which we were clearing out this past weekend. I didn’t do any lifting due to my damaged back. In hand is a Louis Vuitton bag I bought about three years ago. I like it, but had to store it because there was not enough space in our NYC apartment.

We’ve wasted a ridiculous amount of money housing stuff after we sold our first home 9 years ago. And, in the end, we gave so much of it away. I really had to sit back and take stock of the things that I do stock up on. My goodness, we’ve accumulated way too much junk over the years, and it was appauling to see how many things we didn’t need or even want for that matter. So, why did we buy them in the first place? I suppose it’s because we we able to. Ewww, not cool.

Change is ’bout to come. I’m cutting back, starting with household items. However, I have to be honest. I’m going to work my way up to cutting back on clothing. That one’s toughie. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to saving all that storage money.








| Tee: Bebe | Harem Pants: H&M | Sandals: Sam Edelman | Handbag: Louis Vuitton | Panama Hat: NYC Boutique | Sunnies: Ray Ban |

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