Peach Shirt Dress

Long gone are the days (long ago college days) when black, brown and grey were my go to colors. Keeping it bland was the inexpensive way to go back then; at least for me it was. Color of all sorts are essential in my life nowadays. One of my favorites is peach, and since hurting my back a few days ago while moving, going peachy is perfect for a happy disposition and lighthearted feel. One cannot go wrong with a peach shirt dress. On hot days, they look cool and keep you cool too.

I’m truly embarrassed about the way I obtained this dress. I was strolling through Zara’s last February, and spied the peach from across the room. I started to make my way toward it, and as i’m walking over, I see a woman to my left walking toward the direction of the dress. I immediately hastened my steps. I used to be a track star back in the day, so of course, I got there a step before her, and reached out to grab the hanger. She however, reached out and grabbed the bottom of the dress, and we both stood there with dress in hand, looking at one another.  After a few seconds, we both started laughing out loud at how absurd we were looking.  Thankfully she graciously, but reluctantly let go and said, ” I know, you did get here first.” It was the only one in the store and a steal, on clearance for $15.









| Shirt Dress: Zara | Sandals: Sam Edelman | Bag: Balenciaga | Hat: Jcrew | Necklace: Urban Outfitters |


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